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Our users’ privacy is very important to us.  Therefore , we have created this document to give you an overview of what information is received and collected on and how it is used. If you need more information than you can find here or have questions about our privacy policy, feel free to contact us.


Personal information

When you register as a customer with us, we only store what we need to deliver goods or get in contact with you about your order: name, address, email and phone number. Your login password is stored in encrypted form and we can not read this. We also store your purchase history, and we may use this to automatically calculate discounts for you based on your purchase volume.

All communications on our web pages are encrypted via SSL (https), and the information you leave with us can not be intercepted, even on open WIFI networks.



For those who subscribe to our newsletter, we collect names and e-mail addresses. Anyone subscribing to the newsletter can terminate the subscription with one click at the bottom of the newsletter.

We use MailChimp as a newsletter vendor, and they ensure that your privacy is always taken care of according to the latest standards. As a MailChimp customer, we must always follow their strict standards for newsletters.


Log files

Like most other websites, we use log files. The log files contain the readers’ IP address, type of browser, network provider, date stamp, which webpage they came from / left us on, and what they clicked during the visit. None of the information in the log files can be linked to you personally, so we can not identify you from the log files. Generally, the log files are not used to anything unless we look for information about harmful computers that we find ourselves obliged to exclude from the web pages for security reasons. The information in the log files is only available to us and, if appropriate, the authorities if they ask for it.



Cookies are a standard technology that most web sites use today.

A cookie is a small text file that is added to your browser’s internal memory and allows us to keep track of what you put into your shopping cart and what items are presented, as well as any customizations you want on the product. In addition, they provide us with statistics that we use to make our web pages better for our users.

Most modern browsers are set to accept cookies automatically, but you can choose to change settings so cookies are not accepted.
Note that this may cause the web shop to not work properly.

The information we collect is used to analyze trends and user behaviors so that we can make our web pages better for those visiting us online. We also use it to log users in automatically if they wish. The information will only be used internally and will not be given to any third party and / or other persons outside English Rose AS. The information will never be used to identify you personally, it is used only to give the users a better experience on the site.


Remarketing sometimes use Google AdWords remarketing to display ads on other websites (including Google) to people who have visited our web sites in the past. Google uses cookies to display relevant ads based on your previous visit to This may cause you to see ads for our products on other webpages, but it is not used to identify you personally. If you do not want Google to use cookies to show you relevant ads, you can turn it off yourself at Google.


Analysis tool for web statistics

We use the Google Analytics tool to collect and evaluate information about how the pages are used. Google Analytics uses cookies. Google Analytics only receives general web statistics, such as browser type, time, language, and which website the user came from. This data helps us analyze the results of our marketing campaigns and is not used to identify you personally. The time period for storing data-related cookies from Analytics is 26 months.


Simplified login and registration via Facebook and Google

We use Facebook and Google’s external login to provide users with a simplified login and / or registration of user profile in the online store. Facebook / Google will then, through its cookies, save information about signing in from our web sites and they will automatically share your name and email address with our website. We do not do anything about this information other than allowing you to automatically sign up and / or log in to your account. It is optional if you wish to use this functionality, and you can choose to either register manually.


If you need more information than you can find here or have questions about our privacy policy, feel free to contact us.

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